At Kula we are constantly working toward being our authentic selves. We offer a plethora of workshops for learning and gaining more knowledge about ourselves. Currently, due to COVID, we are not offering any workshops!

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Finding Peace Through Meditation with Jackie

The world is a scary place for most, especially now. Fear & anxiety have become the new norm and with all the changes around us and outside of us, we can not help but notice some changes with in ourselves. This workshop is designed to talk about how we can use meditation and yoga to co-create our life into the peaceful state in which we crave. You will learn how to meditate in a way that works with you and how to begin to harness your racing thoughts and put them into a method of concentration and letting go of things we can not control. You will be given the tools to take this practice home with you and create a daily routine of cultivating peace and stillness.


Sunday, July 12


$20 Sign up!

Shamanic Journeying Workshop with Lauren Thew


Workshop Details:
Kula Yoga would like to formally invite you to attend our Power Animal Journey and Shamanic Journeying Master Class taught by Shamanic Healer, Lauren Thew!

Join us in a night of shamanic education & exploration… The Shamanic Journey is a method of accessing inner wisdom through a meditative state. Derived from a practice done by the healers of indigenous shamanic cultures, the shamanic journey is performed to gain insight and effect healing and have been a common practice of many indigenous cultures for thousands of years.

As an early pioneer of adapting the shamanic journey to a therapeutic practice, Laure will teach you these powerful personal development techniques.

This unique style of teaching what shamanism truly is and the journey includes a process of inquiry that is transformative and helps you to step fully into your own personal power.

This Event will:
• Broaden and expand knowledge of the history and practices of Shamans across all the continents of the world
• Thoroughly ground you in a life-changing practice for spiritual inquiry that fits easily into even the busiest schedule.
• Provide tools and tips for framing questions and interpreting your journey experiences.
• Help you to know how to make the distinction between interpreting the often symbolic language of intuitive wisdom and engaging in magical thinking.
• Help you to explore and relate to unfamiliar fields of consciousness safely.

You will find this event especially beneficial if you:
• Seek to develop trust in yourself and your connection to your inner wisdom.
• Are eager to enhance your innate creativity or generate the momentum to get unstuck in some area of your life.
• Are ready to step into, and live the rest of your life as, your most authentic & best self

July 19 

Port Orange Location 


$40 online EB / $45 Day of– Sign up Now!

Authentic Warrior Workshop with Jackie

Have you lost sight of what your wants and needs are due to life’s obligations? Join Jackie Anderson for this workshop while she has you explore the inner you and re-discover that inner child within us all. This workshop we will set an intention that aligns with our highest potential and then create a vision board to help us stay focused and really manifest that intention into 2020. Come discover YOURSELF!!

Port Orange July 26, 10:30AM -12PM

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New Smyrna August 9, 10:30AM -12PM

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Sacred Self Care w/ Essential Oils

Free education class on essential oils and self-care!

Join Lauren Zavlunov while she teaches you the powerful healing benefits of essential oils for physical, emotional & spiritual self-care. Attendees will receive a free oil.

Saturday, January 5th- Immune Health -11-12 p.m.

Saturday, January 19th – 12:30- 1: 30 p.m.

Free                    Port Orange Location