Kula Yoga

Living Intentionally Workshop Saturday July 23 12-3pm

Where? Port Orange Studio
Samskaras, Schemas and Neuroscience – Paths to Healing
~ Explore Eastern Philosophy, Western Psychology and Neuroscience as it relates to the deep interconnections of the Mind/Body and the paths to healing and health.

~ Sanskaras – Mental grooves in the mind that produce habitual Mind/Body patterns and energetic blockages that create every so called dis-ease in the body.

~ Shemas – Core cognitions and deep negative beliefs that become the foundation of our adaptive and maladaptive Mind/Body

~ Neuroscience – The latest research on the brain as it relates to our thoughts, emotions, behavior, postural patterns and dis-ease in our bodies.

We will explore the impact of our experiences and trauma on the Mind/Body, the Flight, Fright, Freeze, Faint Mechanisms of the brain and the broader implications on our health, well being and healing.

Ancient Yogi text and the Guru’s who wrote and taught them knew that healing came most powerfully with an integrated approach to the body/mind and that the answers lie deep within us.

This Mind/Body workshop is designed with asanas for mind and body, discussion and meditative experiences to allow each Yogi to experience and deepen their mind/body connection, experience their mind/body wisdom and release long held sanskaras – unconscious mental grooves in the mind – that are at the heart of our habitual patterns.

~ Identify your most personal and powerful Intention (Sankalpa)
~ Identify core beliefs Samskaras that can lead to unhealthy mind/body habits
~ Develop an integrated plan for approaching unhealthy Behavioral, Emotional, Postural and Mental habits
~ Increase Body/Mind intelligence and awareness
~ Develop more confidence and discernment in your own truths

This experiential workshop will guide you on a journey to discover samskaras/schemas that are at the heart of your current struggles utilizing ancient yogic wisdom and practices, western psychological theories and neuroscience that relates to healing the brain.

The exercises within the workshop will aid you in developing a unique, personal practice toward the expression of your next best self.

A practice of Intention. Our workshop will include Meditations, Lecture, Discussion, Self study tools, Pranayama, Mindful Asanas, Mudras, Contemplative Stillness, laughter and more… This workshop is an introduction to these principles and will encourage your own continued practice of the principles and skills shared throughout.

Bring a sense of adventure, inquiry and non-judgmental positive regard for yourself and for others! Oh and a mat, a journal book and your energy…..

This Mind/Body experience is recommended and suitable for all who wish to deepen their understanding the the Mind/Body connection……

The Upside Down Life September 23-24, 2016

Friday September 23: 7pm – 9pm

f5aece47181743ce48e8d2db0dac957bThe Upside Down Life!  Smile, laugh, dance and get yourself upside down!  Join Laura in this 2-hour Inversion Party and learn how to safely invert into different variations of Headstand, Forearmstand and Handstand.

This workshop is open to all levels, from the beginner inversion lovers to the more advanced, upside-down all the time yogis.  Laura will share all of her tips and tricks to make you more solid and stable in any inversion.

Saturday September 24: 10am – 12pm

Balance & Flow  Curious about seamlessly flowing from one posture to the next?  This class is for you! Laura will teach you the mechanics of transitioning from one pose to the next by breaking down the alignment needed in each posture first.

With the use of yoga props and partners, she’ll give you the tools and support needed to then link inversions and arm balances together. This class is for all levels.  All that is needed is an open mind and courage to trust in your fellow yogis!





10 Week Meditation Practice

The Art of Alignment through Allowance
Pam will guide through a 90 minute meditative experience where you will discuss the law of allowing and meditation.

There will be a 45 minute discussion followed by a 45 minute meditation practice. This class is all levels and is DONATIONS ONLY. June 6th – August 15th (no class on July 4th).

Guided Meditation With Zetta Rose



Join Zetta Rose at Kula Yoga New Smyrna Beach every Wednesday from 7:45pm – 8:15pm for Guided Meditation in the Tradition of the Himalayan Masters.