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 never too young to be a yogi 

“Yoga is the space where a flower blossoms.” Amit Ray

Why Kids Need Yoga

Kids today face many new pressures in an increasingly overwhelming world. 

Yoga and mindfulness practices can help them develop tools to handle the physical, mental and emotional stress of today’s world. 
Regularly practicing yoga increases children’s capacity to: 

– learn effectively
– manage challenging emotions 
– self-regulate behavior
– achieve personal and academic success 

Introducing yoga and meditation to kids is an easy way to help them live healthier lives.

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How Yoga Helps Kids


  • • Improved overall health
  • • Increased strength and flexibility
  • • Better sense of balance and physical comfort
  • • Better quality sleep


  • • Better able to control emotions
  • • Greater self confidence
  • • Increased resilience
  • • Decreased stress and anxiety


  • • Improved focus and attention
  • • Clearer thinking
  • • Improved motivation
  • • Improved body image


  • • Greater compassion and empathy
  • • Improved communication
  • • Increased leadership skills
  • • Greater sense of community

What We Do at Kula Yoga Kids

Kula Yoga Kids incorporates five key elements of yoga and mindfulness into each session: Connection, Breath, Movement, Focus and Relaxation. 

These elements teach students essential life skills they can use immediately in their daily lives.

The ancient yogis who developed asanas related their poses to animals and the natural world.

At Kula Yoga Kids we use these same tools to help children better understand themselves and the world around them.

By coupling their emotions with various poses, kids develop a greater awareness of their physical, mental, and emotional states. 

Plus, taking on the qualities of the natural world can create a stronger connection to nature, animals, and the world around them.

To learn more about how Kula Yoga Kids is empowering kids, please contact us at: www.kulayogakids.com


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