As a yoga community, we are devoted to being of service to others and making a difference in the world. Every Saturday for the months of June & July, classes will be donation base, where 100% of the proceeds go directly to helping the people Ometepe.

There is unlimited possibilities in a third-world country to make a tremendous difference in the lives of others who do NOT have a voice/option to improve their existence here in earth. Ometepe Island, Nicarugua is a special and peaceful place for you to have such an experience.

Our goal this year is to deepen the bonds we have with the families we serve, as well as with the dedicated local residents & volunteers.  This is accomplished through visits to Ometepe and having volunteers come and help the community.

There are two young families, in particular, that stood out in terms of extreme need.  Both reside in a community called, Balgüe. Here are links to a brief video for each:  Christian’s Family and  Marisol’s Family

I included the below information so you can understand how there are so many options for people to help. The best is to “go” to Ometepe to see and/or combine your visit with our ongoing programming (English
classes, nutrition, college scholarship, medical assistance) which is at the core of what we do OR to a designated project such as Marisol’s or Christian’s housing. 100% of donations we receive goes towards programming or a specific designated
project (All administrative costs for OBGM are covered by administratively designated
donations.).  FYI – Recurring gifts can be setup securely
, and can be donated in Honor or Memory of a special person.